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wtf_nature's Journal

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A community for those who love weird and interesting creatures!
Welcome to WTF_Nature!

Our Mascot: Pablo the Party Potoo!

Rule Tweaks as of 8/10/09:

1) I'm not letting short posts through the queue anymore. Don't post JUST a video or JUST a link - tease us with some text, make us want to click it!

2) Tags and reposts are not being maintained at this time. Sorry, I don't really have time to double-check to see if everything has been posted before or go back and tag a bunch of things, so I'm not gonna. I don't really want to instate another mod to maintain it without Hayley's permission.

3) One or two comments on a post asking for a lj-cut is cool, fifty of them getting increasingly hostile is not. I can and will start banning people for being bitches to others about this, depending on my mood.

This community is for those who enjoy looking at/reading about strange and unusual animals.
The weirder the better!
Of course the entries should be about natural oddities (not domesticated animals bred to look odd for example, that's cheating) and can include deformities and new discoveries.

Picture/video posts and posts including links/copy+pastes to/of articles are what we're looking for. Try not to post personal stories of something you saw on the way home etc, unless you can include a picture.

Strange or fucked up plants can also be mentioned, as well as odd weather conditions, but srsly, weather conditions can be kind of boring. Use your best judgement here, guys.

We're not really looking for posts about humans unless it's a genuine natural, scientific oddity, not for example a post about a person being stupid. I'll leave it to the users discretion and any unsuitable posts will be rejected.

The rules, yo.

1.Trolling will not be tolerated and you will be immediately banned.

2.Large or multiple images -must- be lj-cut.

3.Please include pictures/videos/links to the oddity that you're featuring and give a summary of the contents of links. If pictures are not work safe (including dead animals obviously), then cut them regardless, and label them accordingly with a clear warning if need be. Te community might have "wtf" in it's title but I like to think it's a serious community for people who are generally interested in odd animals, that's all.

4.No comment disabling/deleting. No entry deleting either (unless requested, the mods can decide whether or not to take it down). Remember that some people have seen a lot, and others won't find some creatures nearly as gross or weird as you do. Try to stay away from the popular internet animal-wtfs (Please please please check the tag list, I cannot stress this more. http://community.livejournal.com/wtf_nature/tag/ DO IT).

5.Unwarranted personal attacks will not be tolerated, neither will posts involving shocking content involving "man-made" animal cruelty. if you have a problem with someone then contact me with the details at hayleybob@gmail.com and warnings/bans will be handed out depending on the situation.

6.Don't post shopped images. They suck. We're after pictures of things that actually exist.
However, posts regarding creatures that may or may not exist (bigfoot/chupacabras etc) are fine as long as the images/videos are not obviously shopped/fake.

7. One creature per post (Unless the additional creature is a closely related species, or an extinct ancestor etc). The other images/info posted below cuts make it harder to keep track of what has been featured here already. And please only post one entry a day if you can help it. This just makes things easier for us Mods and hell, the community is still going to be here tomorrow ;D

8. Please don't post with "What animal is this?" type submissions. Do some google-fu or check out communities like whats_that_bug. They will be rejected.

9. Please try to tag your entries the best you can. Here's the taglist: http://community.livejournal.com/wtf_nature/tag/

10.Also check the taglist before posting, it's annoying when half of the submissions I have to moderate are reposts. Luckily I'm nice enough to reject them, but I don't always have time to check every single post.

Thanks, guys!