I like Bugs. (jlygrnmigt) wrote in wtf_nature,
I like Bugs.

The reason for my icon...

Someone sent me this article years ago, which prompted me to create a new icon professing my lesbian weevil love. Eventually, I stuck a link to the article in my profile because it seemed like I had started to give some people false hope that I had something in common with these gorgeous creatures...something more than a hard shell and gorgeousness.


The basic idea is that the little ladies pair up in the presence of smaller males, and move out of the way when the larger, more desirable males are in close proximity. This is not unlike a college party, where the tactic often creates drunken threesomes instead of an opportunity to breed with stronger males.

*sigh* I love being an entomologist. :)
Tags: beetles, curculionidae, insect, mating rituals, sex, weevils

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