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Giant Queensland spider devours snake

Cairns man Ant Hadleigh snapped photos of a golden orb spider attempting to eat a brown tree snake in a Freshwater backyard, April 2012. He estimated the tree snake to be around half a metre long and the spider about the size of a hand.
The tree snake got snared in the orb spider’s enormous web and was alive for an hour or more before finally succumbing to the spider’s venom; by that stage, according to Hadleigh, ‘...the part which the spider was eating had gone all black and the insides were bubbling’. The snake tried to reach up to attack the spider several times but every time the spider would run to the top of the web. The same spider devoured a wasp the day before.

These are the spiders you also see eating birds in people's backyards.

Photos and videos of giant spiders and snakes under the cut. I thought them interesting to watch


Youtube video of another spider eating another snake. This one is better quality
Tags: arachnid, australia, spider

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