Drhoz! (drhoz) wrote in wtf_nature,

Bone Skipper

Zoologger: Horror fly returns from the dead

"a mythical beast, not seen for more than 160 years. A nocturnal animal that feeds on the rotten flesh of large mammals. A species active only during the winter months that reportedly emits a luminous glow from its large, orange head. What new horror is this?

It's a fly, the bone skipper Thyreophora cynophila, and it is back from the dead. Considered globally extinct until now, the first fly to be killed off by humans, the bone skipper was first described by an entomologist who found it on the carcass of a dog in 1798. Last seen in the 1840s, it has now been rediscovered by Daniel Martín-Vega and colleagues of the University of Alcalá in Madrid, Spain. "

Glowing head? That's no fly! It's a Fungus From Yuggoth! Flee, you fools, before they remove your brains and cart them off to Pluto in their special Mi-Go Brain Cannisters!
Tags: bioluminescence, decomposition, extinct, flies, flying insect, insect

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