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Giant Short-Faced Kangaroo

Procoptodon goliah was the largest macropod to ever live. It's a member of Sthenurinae, a subfamily of kangaroos with only one living member, the banded hare-wallaby. In addition to being huge (500 pounds and roughly ten feet tall when standing upright), procoptodon was unusual among kangaroos for its squashed, wombat-like face, and the ability to raise its arms above its head. It used its long fingers with hooked claws to reach vegetation in its forest habitat.

Oh yeah, and it had hooves.

Procoptodon's strange feet each sported one large, hooflike toe that apparently helped it move quickly through Pleistocene Australia. They lived about 1,600,000 - 40,000 years ago, but it is speculated that they may have died out as recently as 18,000 years ago due to human activity. Fossil records indicate that they were probably also prey for the marsupial lion.

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