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'Monkey Baby'

I apologize if this has been posted before, or if it's already been discussed, etc. I didn't see it on the tag list and thought this was worth sharing.

So I was video-hopping on good ol' YouTube today when I found this video about a 'bizarre monkey-like baby'. The video and video description suggest it is a human baby, but the video is entirely in Turkish, and I haven't been able to find a translation for it.

Warning: reasonably graphic/disturbing
Woman Gives Birth to Bizarre Monkey-Like Baby

I couldn't find a news article or any sort of backstory to this, but I found a few forums where the idea of Anencephaly was brought up quite a bit, a condition where the front portion of the skull and the forebrain don't develop in a fetus, causing a caved-in head shape and bulging eyes (because there are no eye sockets for the eyes to sit in). The forebrain is the part of the brain that regulates conscious thought, body temperature, eating, sleeping, and outward emotions. So yeah, it's pretty important.

As for it being a fake, if you watch closely the baby's body does move at points, (at 2:20 the umbilical cord nub twitches a bit), and it's rigidity and lack of response could very well be from, well, not having a frontal cortex. It may even be dead at the time of the video, but these are just guesses on my part.

Hopefully some of you fine enthusiasts can dig up some information?
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