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Pig Butt Worm

"The picture is of a new marine worm, Chaetopterus pugaporcinus, that dwells at 1000m.  Its Latin name translates into "Chaetopterid worm that looks liek th rump of a pig.  It has a segemented body like other polychaetes but the middle segments are inflated.  The posterior and anterior segments are compressed against the inflated segments.  One of the authors, notes its similarity to the larvae of other chaetopterid worms with the exception that is 5-10x larger, so it may be an adult.  On the other hand none of the individuals yet identified have sex organs, sperm, or eggs, so it may be a larvae.  By the way, that family of worms is a taxonomic mess, so before the authors could place this worm in the family, they had to construct a phylogeny to sort out the mess.  The worms feed by facing mouth down and deploying a mucus cloud that catches marine snow."

From Deep Sea News. Link to entire article with more pictures!:

Lol...I kind of want to poke it with a needle to see what happens.
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