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Just a humble thought on the chupacabra ~

My son has now taken a fascination with this fabled creature. After carefully viewing the vid that 2 law enforcement officers obtained, during the DAYLIGHT I might add, ( see link) I have come to a new theory. (see below)      +     + Mange = Chupacabra.

OK, so I'm kidding. But shave off those antlers and throw in a bad case of mange and it at least LOOKS right.-LOL What can I say....I was young when family had me searching for the legendary Jack-A-Lope. I had my doubts even at the young age....but C'Mon why would my elders fib to me?

Answer..becuase I gave them a good long laugh out searching for the BIG Bunny.

Have a great weekend!

Tags: cryptid, disease, dog, mammal, repost
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