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On July 11, a biracial couple gave birth to twin boys--one black, one white.

Brothers Are Two In A Million
Twins with different skin colours - one black and the other white - have been born in Berlin.

Doctors say it is an extremely rare occurrence, but it is possible if genes combine in a certain way.

The twin boys, named Ryan and Leo, are the offspring of a mixed-race couple.

Mum, Florence, hails from Ghana in western Africa and dad, Stephan, from Potsdam in Germany.

"Ryan came first, and everything was as usual," said the hospital's doctor Birgit Weber.

"But when Leo was born, I couldn't believe my eyes."

The doctor said she had been present at some 10,000 births over almost 20 years and had never seen anything quite like this, it has been reported.

"Both kids have definitely the same father," she added.

The twins were reportedly born on July 11, but were kept from the public until press could be invited to see them.

Video in the article as well.

Also, this has happened previously:

That was the best link I could find, sorry :)
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