Glorification of the Chosen Victim (itsghastlycrew) wrote in wtf_nature,
Glorification of the Chosen Victim

The secret social life of plants

 So, this is my first post, and this isn't as WTF as a lot of the other things in here, but I thought it was pretty interesting.

A plant called the searocket (these guys) have been shown to give preferential treatment to family members, while attacking unrelated roots. 

From the NYT:

"The finding is a surprise, even a bit of a shock, in part because most animals have not even been shown to have the ability to recognize relatives, despite the huge advantages in doing so....

Since the research on sea rockets was published in August in Biology Letters, a journal of the United Kingdom’s national academy of science, Dr. Dudley and colleagues have found evidence that three other plant species can also recognize relatives."
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