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I posted this on my own journal but I needed to share it with more people!
This is big-time WTF human nature... sleep-talking at it's finest!

Dion McGregor was the most prolific somniloquist in recorded history. A Somniloquist, or voluble dreamer, is a person that talks during their sleep. Through the 1950’s Dion McGregor’s roommate taped his surreal narrations and in 1964 an avant garde record was released to minimal fanfare. Dion is incredibly unique due to the way in which he sleep-talks. Rather than mumbling random incoherent words like most sleep-talkers, Dion narrates his dreams eloquently at a conversational tone making them an incredible and surreal experience for the listener.

I suggest listening to Dear Uncle, Peony, and The Gift, but they're all pretty freaking great to listen to.

And DEFINITELY listen to Mustard Battle. It's fucking hilarious. Here is a transcript I wrote of it:

The Mustard Battle quarter after? Yes, it starts at quarter after. Do we have everybody lined up for it?

DOES EVERYBODY HAVE THEIR MUSTARD? DO YOU ALL HAVE YOUR MUSTARD? Did you get it out of the jar? Get it out of the jar! Pick...Pick your spot now, pick your spot.

Well I think...probably. I don't know, the middle of the forehead. SHALL WE SAY THE MIDDLE OF THE FOREHEAD? It's a ringer! If you're hit in the middle of the forehead, DROP you're dead! Yes! Hair doesn't count, hair doesn't count. Any place but the middle of the forehead.

Ok, what time - what is it? Fourteen after, fourteen after. EVERYONE HAS THEIR MUSTARD? Alright. N...may..Line up in a big crest! That's it, that's it! Now for godsake let 'em have it!! Let 'em have it! Foreheads! On the forehead!

Whack, thwack! MMM!! THWACK! MMM dmdmdmdmdm gmgmgmg THWACK!!! mmmm thmbthmntg! *mumble* THWACK!! THWACK!! Oh...Oh It's whizzing by!! It's whizzing by look at that look at...THWACK!! mmgnmfgn THWACK!! Oh..aH! OH I'M DEAD!

There also is a myspace page with a few more that are pretty hilarious.

More info on sleep-talking here.
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