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So this is pretty interesting

I hope this is okay, i checked the tags and saw nothing about these guys.

so, Time for some Endangered Sea Dragon stories! :D

A weedy sea dragon at the Georgia Aquarium has something to celebrate this Father's Day. One of the rare creatures is pregnant for only the third time ever at a U.S. aquarium, aquarium officials said.


the wtf part is-dads carry the eggs in this family. The aquarium's sea dragon has about 70 fertilized eggs — which look like small red grapes — attached to his tail. He is expected to give birth in early to mid-July, said Kerry Gladish, a biologist at the aquarium.

Sea dragons, sea horses and pipe fish are the only species where the male carries the eggs, Gladish said. Sea dragon pregnancies are rare because researchers don't know what gets them in the mood to mate.

"We know there's something biologically or environmentally that triggers them to want to reproduce, but in the aquarium world, we're not sure what that is," Gladish said.

So Scientists basically have noooo idea what gets these guys 'in the mood.' XD

here is the full article.

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