Mountain-Hiker (mountain_hiker) wrote in wtf_nature,

Iowa Tornado

A coworker's brother sent her this image this morning. He's an insurance adjuster for a very large company that covers Nebraska and Iowa. Apparently, [edit: the claim is that this] is the same tornado that hit the boy scouts' camp the other day. If you can be outside taking a picture when a tornado is that close to you, you have much bigger balls than me.

EDIT: I forwarded this pic to a meteorologist at one of my local TV stations. This is what he had to say about it:

Photo looks like a hoax to me, photoshopped. Not the storm itself, but that is not what the storm that hit the camp ground would have looked like. That photo is of a classic supercell whereas the storm that hit Iowa was HP (high precipitation), the tornado would have been wrapped in rain and much more difficult to see than the highly contrasted wall cloud you see in this photo (that's not even a tornado hanging below the cloud base). Just an FYI, thanks for sharing though!


2nd Edit: Okay, so apparently it isn't a Photoshopped pic, but it's not the one that hit the Boy Scout camp in Little Sioux, IA. This one touched-down in Orchard, IA.

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