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High Finned Shark

This is my favorite fish the in world. I looked through the tags and did not find anything on this fish. If it has been posted I apologize.

It is so amazing because it goes through a very weird change. When it's young it's beautiful, black and yellow striped with a stout body and high fin, thus it's name. In Petsmart we classified it as a species of goldfish but it's really more of a subtropical fish.

But as they grow they change into this:

They loose that high fin, which turns into a short more shark like fin and look, to me, like a cat fish. They turn that ugly grayish color and really aren't as appealing to look at. However most of these fish in captivity do not survive due to a need in climate change and the fact that they grow to three feet long.

More information here:

Oh how I love them!
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