Love Monster (_quick) wrote in wtf_nature,
Love Monster

The seed pod of the Trapa bicornis: "& A lin jiao by another other name would look as weird"


These unappealing-looking slug-like objects are not the best example of their common appearance, which more often resembles the face of a horned animal, or a bat (which of these just depends on how you look at it).
Still, & actually even moreso...

They are toxic raw & the jury is out on whether or not they taste good enough to be worth cooking, but perhaps it's as much a matter of cooking them properly.
It seems as much up for question whether they're actually a fruit or a nut. The latter seems more likely, considering their hard outer shell, "moustache fruit", the name I was familiar with, appears to be something of a misnomer.

Called, variously:
Devil Pod, Bat Nut, Bat Fruit, Goat Head, Bull Nut, Buffalo Nut, 菱角, lin jiao, moustache fruit

They seem to have sparked the imagination & name-giving facilities of rather diverse groups of people.

The plant itself is an acquatic plant found in Asia - where it's fruit(? nut?) is regarded by some Chinese as a lucky food due to it's bat-like appearance.

In other places their generally marked resemblance to a goat or bat has linked them to black magic sacifice.

All in all, it's pretty silly.

I want to try one now.
To eat, not to wear.
A lin jiao does not a deranged-looking Charlie Chaplin make.
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