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I've read about these little guys a lot recently. They're cute little things, aren't they? Most people think they're possums, or rats, but most people don't know that they're actually a relative of the hedgehog.

Sometimes people call them Moonrats, even though they're not related to rodents in the slightest. They're also known as gymnures.

They're a lovely example of parallel evolution, seen in this picture of a moon rat next to a Virginia Possum:

They also look like early, primitive mammals- a tooth snout, plantigrade stance, and their naked little tails.

The WTF part about this is that they always smell like rancid garlic or onions. Yes, not that WTF, I know, but they're still very interesting creatures regardless- they can also twitch their nose like some sort of ugly rabbit.

There aren't many links to information about the little guys, but Wiki has some stuff on them. I got a lot of the other stuff from encyclopedias, and here as well.

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