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So, I watch a lot of discovery HD theatre and I love learning about new animals. Some of my favorites are here. One of which is a fish called a "piraticu"; I don't know how it's supposed to be spelled and google keeps asking me if I mean "pirate", so I'd post a pic, if I knew where to find one, maybe one of you could help. Anyway, it's one of the oldest fish species on earth and it resides in the Amazon River and it's huge, reddish, odd shaped and has definitive scale patterns.

Some of my other favorites are: the genet and the civet. These two look like animals they are not even closely related to.

The genet is so cute and is kept by some people as a pet and as far as I know it's supposed to make a good pet. It's not a cat or a raccoon or anything closely related to that, it's a viverrid.

The civet is also a viverrid. It looks more like a raccoon, but is the similarities are only on the surface.

So there you have it some animals you've probably never heard of or seen before.
Tags: civet, viverrid

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