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I'm Just a Traveller in Time


Yes, I'm a newbie, but I read the rules, and tried really hard looking through as many tags as I could to see if the jagaurundi has been featured. If it has please forgive me, and I will remove this post if it annoys too many people.

This is an animal I have always loved, but no one I know seems to recognize. They came to mind when I was watching Monster Quest, and they were talking about a black panther in the US, and how there were sightings of such an animal in Texas. In the end there was no proof...but I always thought, why aren't jaguarundi's being considered? And after some searching, I came across this article:

Are US 'Black Panthers' Actually Jaguarundi?


More Pics, and more interesting information (at least to me, hopefully to some of you guys too!) under the cut

JaguarundisCollapse )

Again, sorry if I stepped on any toes, I just really loves these cats and would like for more people to know about them <3 Please let me know how to fix anything for future posts.
Tags: feline
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