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Noob member here! =P I saw this community and instantly loved it. Uhm, I also checked the tags (species not listed) and the rules before posting this but forgive me if I've missed something. This guy is pretty neat, plus I love the name =P 

Pipefish are related to the seahorse and the harlequin ghost pipefish is probably the most beautiful of the family. Other family members include the robust ghostpipefish, banded pipefish and flag-tailed pipe fish. This strange looking little creature can grow up to 15cm but hard to find as most of them are no bigger than your little finger. They are normally found living around crinoids, featherstars, gorgonian fans and branching black coral bushes. Here they live very well camouflaged by their complex colour patterns and body shape. Key to this effect is the fish's skin flaps, which mimic the 'feathers' of the host crinoid.

They have very small territories which they tend to stay in as they are weak swimmers, propelling themselves by rapidly fanning their fins. While this technique allows for very precise control of body position, the range of individuals in this species is limited.

Anyone who really wants to find them will have to be very patient and fond of looking at featherstars for long periods or choose a dive centre with skilled divemasters who know where they are.

Tags: fish, marine life, pipe fish, sea, sea life

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