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WTF now with extra science

Because there have been a lot of posts complaining about how they're "not learning anything" from posts here, I decided to make a community that was more geared towards those with a genuine interest in science and learning about it: wtf_science

What it is
wtf_science is designed to be a place for science writing to be posted. Anyone can post, but they must discuss the things that they are posting, rather than just posting a picture or asking for a species ID -- the idea is that you'll be learning something cool, not just looking at ugly pictures. The focus is not only on natural sciences, but on all scientific disciplines, so wtf_sociology or wtf_linguistics is just as welcome as wtf_brain parasites. Minimal citations are required, so that people who want to explore more can. It's designed to be a more serious sort of forum, where we can get together and share sciencey awesomeness.

What it isn't
It's not designed to be a replacement for wtf_nature at all, but rather a place for those who are interested in scholarship beyond the initial WTF level. The trolling wanking and random pictures of birth defects make wtf_nature fun, and that's not what we're seeking to replace. What we're looking to do is to create a place where you can find out why the two-faced calf on WTF_Nature had two heads, other examples of two-headed beasts and how to genetically engineer your very own two-headed goldfish.

That being said, I do expect there to be some overlap between my community and this one, and that's okay. I mean, the only thing cooler than a botfly in the brain is two botflies ...

Also, if you like the idea, have some science background and want to contribute a little more, I could use all of the moderator volunteers I can get.

Mods, feel to delete this if it's inappropriate. There just seemed to be a need for an alternative, more science-oriented community.

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