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Who would've guessed that rats held this much power in dating human colonization?

Key points:
  • Humans may not have colonized New Zealand over 2000 years ago, it may have been 1000 years later.

  • This was found by new carbon dating of old Pacific rat (kiore) bones.

  • The bones were no older than 200 BCE (not 1280 BCE as previously thought).
Interesting Quote:
"As the Pacific rat or kiore cannot swim very far, it can only have arrived in New Zealand with people on board their canoes, either as cargo or stowaways. Therefore, the earliest evidence of the Pacific rat in New Zealand must indicate the arrival of people" Dr Wilmshurst said.

What do you think?
Could the rats have come after and humans could've inhabited earlier rat-free?
Or have rat bones thrown a monkey wrench into history?

Dr Wilmshurst

ETA: I tried to get the article in here but I keep getting a ^&*^(*^ error so... you have the source.
Tags: new zealand, rats

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