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New spider species found near Albany (Australia)

Researchers have discovered a new species of spider on Western Australia's south coast.

The group has also uncovered a population of an ancient arachnid known as the Assassin spider.

The spiders were found at a number of sites along a 70 kilometre stretch of coastline near Albany.

The Assassin spider is just five millimetres in length and, despite its name, is harmless to humans.

Mark Harvey from the Western Australian Museum says the Assassin spider is a threatened species and is believed to date back 150 million years.

He says it is a significant discovery.

"We hadn't seen that species for about 25 years, so to find them quite happy in their habitat on the south coast was quite a boon for us," he said.

The new species of spider, which is yet to be named, is about four millimetres long and was discovered at Bremer Bay.

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