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Nicobar Pigeon

I searched for the little fella in the tags and found nothing, so I hope he's not been posted yet. :)

The Nicobar Pigeon (Caloenas nicobarica) is the last surviving member of the Caloenas family, which once (spuriously) included the recently extinct Liverpool pigeon- they also are believed to be the closest living relatives to the Dodo and the Rodrigues Solitaire, which belong to the all-extinct Raphinae family. Even though the Nicobar Pigeon is believed to be genetically the closest, it's still wildly distinct from the Raphinae, just a bit less so than other pigeons and doves.

It lives on the Nicobar Islands, and other small Indonesian islands where it lives in flocks on a diet of seeds, fruit and insects, and unlike the Dodo, is a strong flier that nests in trees. They are classified as being near-threatened by the IUCN, and even though they mostly live on uninhabited islands, lose a lot of their numbers to hunters, the pet trade and man-introduced species such as rats and cats.
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