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What hummingbird is this?

Hey guys. This is my first post, and I dunno if this allowed, but I don't know WTF this is.

This guy is very old, as you can probably tell. He is from the late 1800's. The label he came with is "Elliot's Hummingbird". Apparently this guy got drunk and ran around the jungle naming all the hummers after him because I found many birds with this name* after Googling for a live image.

The four different birds I found are: A single specimen that is a hybrid of Anthracothorax nigricollis (Black Throated Mango) X Chrysolampis mosquitus (Ruby Topaz), and the Wine Breasted Hummingbird, the Violet Chested Hummingbird, and the Amazilia Hummingbird. None of these birds look like what I have.

What am I?

The measurements, roughly, are:

appx 3.75 inches long

beak 1 inch from tip to "lip" corner.

wings: appx 2 inches

tail from vent to tail tip: 1.5 inches

Again, if this is not appropriate, let me know. :3

*I'm just kidding, I don't mean to offend Mr. Elliot nor his work.
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