December 28th, 2008

Six pages of abyssal weirdness

I had a single page of "deep-sea facts" for many years on my website and always intended to update it, but procrastinated until just last night. Probably not much new to wtf_nature, though I couldn't find much mention of the Xenophyophores here. - an intro to the Abyss and Ceratoid Anglers. - trivia page with various other fish. - ctenophores and cnidarians (including the siphonophores that have already been posted here) - arthropoda (possibly the shortest and least interesting. I'd have included Phronima, but that's already in my other Crustaceans article) - quick run-down of some other abyssal invertebrates, including Xenophyophora. - finally, a page that was going to be about abyssal sharks and chimaeras, but at the last minute I threw in torpedo rays.