December 27th, 2008

  • chumas

White alligator spotted west of Vero Beach

INDIAN RIVER COUNTY — It looks like a rare albino alligator.

In early December, residents of Vista Plantation began seeing an unusually large white-colored alligator in the community’s lakes west of the Indian River Mall, said subdivision manager Charles Smith.

“It was pure white,” he said.

The 300-pound, 10-foot-long adult alligator is seen resting on the shores of one of the man-made retention lakes along the golf course fairways winding through the subdivision’s condominiums. That lake is north of State Road 60 and west of 66th Avenue.

But when park officials called in a wildlife official to verify the alligator is albino, they learned the coloring is instead a coating of white minerals from untreated water pouring out of an artesian well emptying into the lake.
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I've seen this guy around there when I'm working in that area. People call him Spooky or Whitey and he's actually pretty friendly by alligator standards. Just don't get close to it because even if it may be cute, it would enjoy killing you, dragging you underwater and then letting your body rot under a log until it gets nice and soft to eat.

[Edit because I forgot the source. :p]