October 20th, 2008


Elephant-killing lions, anyone?


Text for the link-phobic:
The Savute lion pride has been separated for the past three years, due to the break-away of the dominant Mubabe males. The Savute pride is legendary for hunting and killing elephants, however, this has not happened for the past 3 years. The situation changed at around midnight on 11 September when unexpected wild trumpeting of elephants coupled with traumatizing lion roars and growling could be heard in the camp, indicating a possible fight between the elephants and the lions. The turmoil lasted approximately 2 hours before the elephants became quiet. The following morning the staff discovered that the hunt took place a mere 20 meters from tent number 12! The regular Savute pride consisting of eight lions, three males, three females and two twenty-four week old cubs, had hunted and killed an elephant of approximately four or five years. The guests were treated to an exceptional sighting when the lioness and her two cubs came to the camps’ watering hole in the early hours of the morning. The killing of this elephant has great significance for the area as it could indicate the return of the pride’s intelligent hunting skills as well as reconciliation due to the fact that the pride is now hunting together again.

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