September 6th, 2008

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Never thought I'd have something to post here, but it figures it came from PetSmart.

Last week, I bought crickets, and as I was tossing them in my lizard's cage, I noticed one had another, dead cricket stuck to him. I tried to shake them loose, but no go. On closer inspection, it turns out there was only one cricket, with a giant growth coming out of his leg.

Looked something like this:

Collapse )

Anyone ever seen anything like it? Or know a cheap easy way to preserve this guy? He died a couple days ago and kinda stinks, but it seems a shame to just throw him out when he looks so cool.

[Edit] Shoot, I totally forgot to mention: when he was alive, he couldn't move any part of the growth, just drag it behind him, but when I poked it very lightly, he would react to that.

[Edit again!] Leading theories on this are: molt gone bad that started affecting the cricket itself, and inexplicable birth defect.