August 2nd, 2008

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Montauk Monster

montauk monster 1, originally uploaded by Boju.

Special Weekend report from Dapper Cadaver's Monster Mondays

Early last week a hairless beast, roughly 3 feet long washed up on Montauk beach near Long Island. It was named the Montauk Monster. Multiple witnesses at various times during the day reported it, and several people photographed it. However, before the body could be analyzed, one of the locals scooped it up declaring they were going to mount it on their wall. This leaving no body, an unsolved mystery, and an internet sensation.

Here's what we know. The beast is about 3 feet long, nearly hairless, with what appears to be a beak lined with teeth in the lower jaw. It has a tail, no obvious injuries, and apparently finger like claws. Two photographs show the creature at different times of day, and in different positions. Locals reported the waves were rolling it. Here's the second photo, although they may be of different beasts.

If this is the same beast, it's important to note it has a nasal opening and ears, like a mammal. The change in color is baffling though.

Several theories have surfaced as to what the Montauk Monster is. I'll examine them from an anatomical perspective one by one.

Name that corpse - Likely Montauk Monster suspects behind the cut

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remember the long burning coal fires in pennsylvania?

well, something similar is happening in southern california, as was released by the news tonight.
basically, an oil field is heating up quickly with ground temperatures of over 800 degrees.
this is the only entry i can find on it right now:

and given that i live in santa clarita, i'm a bit nervous. :/

EDIT: apparently the area has exhibited such temperatures 5 times since 1987.