July 29th, 2008

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The Darwin Fly. (Aka the bluebottle)

Not much WTF about a bluebottle apart from its incredible beauty and ability to find our cat food plates and lay eggs on it! But I hope this is apporate for this community!!

But today I met a bluebottle which was certainly WTF worthy (and LOL worthy if you ask me).

As mentioned bluebottles are rather pretty flys who lay eggs on anything, they also land of food, throw up and then eat their own sick (like most flys). During this time of year we have plenty of them in the flat (open windows) and the cats can't eat them all (cats like flys, go figure). So, I was in the kitchen preparing dinner, getting things out of the freezer when I noticed a bluebottle had landed on the unopened lamb. I called my husband through to witness this and I realised it was stuck!

It had landed, thrown up and got its mouth parts FROZEN TO THE CONTAINER (much like a kid licking a frozen lamp post)!!!!!

There is also a video which might not be working yet (not sure how long youtube takes to upload)..

There you go... I did free it and apart from looking abit upset it did fly off, to lay eggs on the cat food I suspect!