July 20th, 2008

Okay 2 WTF's

But only because I have no clue what either are.

My boyfriend said that someone posted
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in one of his car forums, saying he saw it in his front yard (in CT). He has no clue what it is but so far the best idea we've gotten is a fox that is either hairless or has mange.

ALSO... BUG PEOPLE! I was sitting outside work and there were these strange cocoon looking bugs things snacking on the leaves. I tried to take a picture with my cell phone so sorry about the poor quality and giving pretty much NOTHING to go on. I can tell you that it moved around like it was hanging from the branch and it was almost as if it wasn't eating the leave but just using them to cover itself up? The brown parts that you see are the bottom of the "cocoon" that are dried up and the two green leaves directly on top of the brown leaves are newer additions to it's abode, if you will.

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[sorry ahead of time if i absolutely screw up these cuts]