July 16th, 2008


Car Accidents caused by Parasites?

This is just disturbing...    apparently about half the people on the planet are infected with this parasite ,called Toxoplasma gondii.

It used to be considered almost harmless, as we humans are not the target species and our immune system prevents its spread.  However, now research is showing that the parasite DOES affect us..... 

It's been linked to mental disorders like depression and schitzophrenia, women with the parasite are found "sexier" than those without (WTF?) and people with the parasite are bolder, more outspoken, and take more risks. 

Parasite altering human behavior.   There's other articles, just google it.

Sociologists suspect the parasite might actually be an underlying cause for entire CULTURES to change.

Well, maybe not the only reason culture changes, but this certainly explains bad drivers....
And I just can't wait until someone tries to pull this excuse as a legal defense.