July 12th, 2008


This fish has it all..

One of my friends suggested that I post this photo here.

I live in Japan and last weekend my boyfriend and I were in Tottori prefecture for a big beach party. We went out to buy some snacks at the convenience store and on the way back stopped at a fish market. Inside they had lots of fish for sale and some live crabs and such inside tanks. This fish was in one of the tanks. At first we just saw an ugly fish and then I noticed that it had legs. My boyfriend thought it might have been resting on top of a small crab so I tapped on the tank and it swam around and when it was startled it spread out it's big butterfly wings! We were floored! It has fins, wings, and legs. We took a picture:

A little internet researched revealed that this is in fact a sea robin. And like everything else that comes out of the sea, the Japanese eat it.