July 4th, 2008


life returns to chernobyl

Sorry if this has been posted, its been around a couple years. I couldn't find it in the tags.

20 years after the nuclear disaster - life returns to Chernobyl

The radiation levels are still far too dangerous for human beings [people do live there, and theyre pissing/shitting/throwing up blood] but the wildlife appears to be recovering, and immune to mutations - except for a rise in albino animals [who died out quickly, as albinos don't often survive long in nature] and a few organisms which once reproduced asexually are now reproducing sexually  [scientists believe this allows these creatures to have a wider genepool, thus making them able to evolve quicker to changes in the environment]

Survival of the fittest works!

There is a documentary on this called "Chernobyl: Life in the Dead Zone" if you can find it, i suggest watching it.