June 13th, 2008


Iowa Tornado

A coworker's brother sent her this image this morning. He's an insurance adjuster for a very large company that covers Nebraska and Iowa. Apparently, [edit: the claim is that this] is the same tornado that hit the boy scouts' camp the other day. If you can be outside taking a picture when a tornado is that close to you, you have much bigger balls than me.

EDIT: I forwarded this pic to a meteorologist at one of my local TV stations. This is what he had to say about it:

Photo looks like a hoax to me, photoshopped. Not the storm itself, but that is not what the storm that hit the camp ground would have looked like. That photo is of a classic supercell whereas the storm that hit Iowa was HP (high precipitation), the tornado would have been wrapped in rain and much more difficult to see than the highly contrasted wall cloud you see in this photo (that's not even a tornado hanging below the cloud base). Just an FYI, thanks for sharing though!


2nd Edit: Okay, so apparently it isn't a Photoshopped pic, but it's not the one that hit the Boy Scout camp in Little Sioux, IA. This one touched-down in Orchard, IA.

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I posted this on my own journal but I needed to share it with more people!
This is big-time WTF human nature... sleep-talking at it's finest!

Dion McGregor was the most prolific somniloquist in recorded history. A Somniloquist, or voluble dreamer, is a person that talks during their sleep. Through the 1950’s Dion McGregor’s roommate taped his surreal narrations and in 1964 an avant garde record was released to minimal fanfare. Dion is incredibly unique due to the way in which he sleep-talks. Rather than mumbling random incoherent words like most sleep-talkers, Dion narrates his dreams eloquently at a conversational tone making them an incredible and surreal experience for the listener.

I suggest listening to Dear Uncle, Peony, and The Gift, but they're all pretty freaking great to listen to.

And DEFINITELY listen to Mustard Battle. It's fucking hilarious. Here is a transcript I wrote of it:

The Mustard Battle starts...at quarter after? Yes, it starts at quarter after. Do we have everybody lined up for it?

DOES EVERYBODY HAVE THEIR MUSTARD? DO YOU ALL HAVE YOUR MUSTARD? Did you get it out of the jar? Get it out of the jar! Pick...Pick your spot now, pick your spot.

Well I think...probably. I don't know, the middle of the forehead. SHALL WE SAY THE MIDDLE OF THE FOREHEAD? It's a ringer! If you're hit in the middle of the forehead, DROP you're dead! Yes! Hair doesn't count, hair doesn't count. Any place but the middle of the forehead.

Ok, what time - what is it? Fourteen after, fourteen after. EVERYONE HAS THEIR MUSTARD? Alright. N...may..Line up in a big crest! That's it, that's it! Now for godsake let 'em have it!! Let 'em have it! Foreheads! On the forehead!

Whack, thwack! MMM!! THWACK! MMM dmdmdmdmdm gmgmgmg THWACK!!! mmmm thmbthmntg! *mumble* THWACK!! THWACK!! Oh...Oh It's whizzing by!! It's whizzing by look at that look at...THWACK!! mmgnmfgn THWACK!! Oh..aH! OH I'M DEAD!

There also is a myspace page with a few more that are pretty hilarious.

More info on sleep-talking here.
Red Gorgonian coral branch in Puget Soun
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Ancient seeds still viable

I'm a long time lurker and thought it was time to make a post.

An excerpt from National Geographic:

Several ancient date seeds were taken from an excavation at Masada, a historic mountainside fortress, in 1973. In A.D. 73 Jewish Zealots took their own lives at the fortress rather than surrender to the Romans at the end of a two-year siege.

Carbon dating indicates the seeds are about 2,000 years old.

Hebrew University archaeologist Ehud Netzer found the seeds and gave them to botanical archaeologist Mordechai Kislev at Bar-Ilan University in Tel Aviv.

The seeds sat untouched in a drawer in Kislev's office until last November, when Sallon asked if she could have a few to pass on to desert agriculture expert Elaine Solowey.

"I said, Thank you. What do you want me to do?" Solowey recalls. Told to germinate them, she said, "You want me to do what?"

The rest of the article is here.

Breeding for perfection, Ending with disaster.

Okay, so back in April, someone posted a bunch of the pictures from the Messybeast site on cranial and facial deformities in cats. I'm posting about one specific incidence from that site with the details.

Someone mentioned inbreeding a few posts back and I thought that you guys might be interested in something that's semi-related. Humans breeding unwittingly to create deformities.

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