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May 17th, 2008

So just how much do pet anteaters rock? [May. 17th, 2008|01:27 am]


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Life with two pet anteaters.

* They're incredibly intelligent, able to open doors, windows, the fridge, respond to their names

* They're freaking expensive (over $4500 each) and require a highly specialized diet, even if you have tons of ants handy. So they're not for everyone.

* They wear clothes.

* They hug:

* They get romantic:

Click the link above for much more.

Warning: impossible, absurd amounts of cuteness and awesomeness.

Their main blog. Apparently they're both going to star in the next Dr. Doolittle movie or some sh*t like that.

Sauce: Dark Roasted Blend.

Also, on a completely unrelated note, it's my birthday today!
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Eight strange plants [May. 17th, 2008|04:09 pm]


Eight strange plants

You've probably seen them before but I wanted to share.
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