May 13th, 2008

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Oh no, oh no, oh no

Human built WTF among a spectacular bit of nature. Who's afraid of heights?

If the embedded video isn't working here's a link directly to the site.

El Caminito del Ray (also known as El Camino del Ray) means "The King's Little Walk". It was constructed to provide a walkway over the falls for workers building dams on the river.

The walk has been officially closed since 2000 due to a spate of deaths. But of course, some thrillseekers still get in and walk the trail. Most of the way the only thing between you and death is a wire trailing along the cliff face.

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Spectral Class : OM NOM NOM NOM

After this morning's excitement with the tornadoes here in Perth as well as over there in the US, I decided to amuse myself with proof that mere earthly weather has nothing on sheer destruction compared to elsewhere in the universe.

In January 2002, astronomers saw something really weird happening in the constellation of Monoceros. When amateur Nicholas Brown here in Perth first spotted it, they ticked it off as an ordinary nova.
But in February it got brighter again, which was odd, and in March it erupted a third time, which was bizarre.

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