May 1st, 2008


Penguin Shoes!

From National Geographic:

"...a few penguins started to develop calluses on their feet that could have led to infections. Such calluses are common for penguins in captivity, because the seabirds, which normally spend most of their time fishing at sea, occasionally get lazy and spend too much time waddling on land."

"Elvis," a Blue penguin gets his new shoes checked from Penguin minder Bob Morgan at the International Antarctic Centre in Christchurch, New Zealand, Thursday, Nov. 9, 2006. The innovative shoe has been designed to fit over the feet of Little Blue penguins to keep them dry and free from infection after suffering problems when they moved to a new exhibit. (AP Photo/NZPA, John McCombe)

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MISC - moustache

Dwarf Cloud Rat Rediscovered After 112 Years

A team of Filipino and American scientists have rediscovered a highly distinctive mammal -- a greater dwarf cloud rat -- that was last seen 112 years ago. Furthermore, it has never before been discovered in its natural habitat and was thought by some to be extinct.

The greater dwarf cloud rat (Carpomys melanurus) has dense, soft reddish-brown fur, a black mask around large dark eyes, small rounded ears, a broad and blunt snout, and a long tail covered with dark hair. An adult weighs about 185 grams.

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