March 28th, 2008


I feel the need for some deep sea beasties.

I love the dumbo octopus.

My brother has a salt tank with several tiny octopi and he says they are very intelligent. He gives them toys and puzzles to keep themselves occupied.

The book "Creatures of the Abyss"  is very cool. Lots of fascinating beasties. 

I sent the link to my friend sculptor Ver Mar and she is incorporating a lot of weird real animals into her fantastical pieces.

The Deadliest Creatures

Real terror lurks in quiet darkness

As the archetypal bumper-sticker proclaims: "Being Paranoid Doesn't Mean that They Aren't Out to Get You." The world of the paranoiac is nothing but a teetering rock slide - impending destruction always hovering just a moment away. Some have suggested that a daily tablespoon full of this viewpoint can actually be a survival trait: In our capricious and elaborate world a certain degree of suspicion and caution will allow us to live to be frightened another day.

But the real terror is lurking just beyond that. As anyone who has studied nature can attest, the world and all its creatures (great as well as small) really are out to get us. Some of their attacks are easy to defend against, and we - in general - know how to survive them. Yet there are creatures on this globe that can snuff us out like a cheap candle in a stiff wind. - And I don't mean the cartoon ferocity of the lion, tiger, or bear who proclaim their dangerous potential with a growl, roar, or screech.

The deadliest (and easy to miss) critters lurk in dark silence, ready to strike with either the barest of warnings or none at all - and with absolutely fatal venom.

(original unknown)

Some you've heard about, and so sit there and scoff. Yeah, big deal: rattlesnake, cobra, black widow -- either you can hear them coming, avoid going to India, or simply not stick your hands into dark places. They are nothing but annoyances: fatal only to the truly stupid, or very sick. Dangerous, sure, but deadly to only Darwin Award winners. [I really like this.] But there are others, nasty little things as viscous and deadly as they are quiet and unassuming.

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Vulture turkeys?

so, as I was driving down the road near Podunk Nowheresville, Ohio this afternoon, I saw several large dark birds with nekkid heads chowing down on a deer carcass along side the road.  Now, I'd been watching the vultures all through my travels today... they're everywhere at the moment.  A minute after I'd passed the birds, my brain finished processing what my eyes had seen.  Those were no turkey vultures.  They were, in fact, turkeys.  Now, I was convinced I'd seen them wrong.  I turned around and headed back towards the Deer Buffet.  And there they were. Turkeys.  I wish I'd had my camera.  Has anyone else seen scavenging behavior in turkeys before? This was a new one for me.