March 22nd, 2008


what is this?

where i found it, someone said that it is the larval stage of a /b/tard, which is... apt, but not the answer i'm looking for.

edit never mind, we have us an answer - it's a lumpfish.

"Perhaps one of the most interesting facts about the Lumpfish is the male's devotion to the eggs before they hatch. While the male waits for the eggs to hatch, he fasts so that he can stay close to the eggs. The male also fans the egg mass constantly with his lumpy fin. (The female has since moved on.) When at last the eggs hatch, the male is so thin and exhausted he cannot continue on with the babies and they swim off on their own."


My favorite albino animals.

I apologize if this sort of thing has been posted before, I looked through the tags but couldn't find much. Some of you may have seen most of these already, but in case some of you haven't, it's a must see!

I always had a special place in my heart for albino animals.

Some of my favorites include : Collapse )


Last week, as I was innocently making food, I noticed the following in between the glass panels in my microwave. I thought I would share it here.

Sorry about the camera was not co-operating and the glare from the glass made it a bit difficult.

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