March 21st, 2008


I really don't know whether this is SFW or not.

Today's entry will discuss something I learned in one of our local oddity shops when I was younger, all about the Baculum. These are baculums:

Okay, so a baculum is one of the bones, but which one and why should I care?

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So yeah, my dad's old boss had one of these on his coffee table:

Looking back on it, if you knew what it was, it would um, be quite the conversation piece to have in your own home, no?

My first post...

I found this gem on icanhascheezburger:

a href="">Humorous Pictures</a>
see more crazy cat pics

Thinking perhaps it was Photoshopped, I asked on my own LJ, and a friend responded with this:

The fact that someone is holding it makes me a little uncomfortable in the guts.
Apologies if this animal has been posted here before; I'm new to this community. Giant sea louse. It was sufficient for ME to say wtf?


Widespread Flooding Forecast

By RANDOLPH E. SCHMID – 1 day ago

WASHINGTON (AP) — Government forecasters said Thursday that the floods washing over large parts of the Midwest are just a taste of things to come, with one meteorologist complaining about a jet stream "on steroids."

Record rainfall and melting snow packs will continue to cause rivers to overflow in large areas of the country, the National Weather Service said.

The greatest flooding danger includes much of the Mississippi River basin, the Ohio River basin, the lower Missouri River basin, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, most of New York, all of New England and portions of the West, including Colorado and Idaho.

"Overall moisture is unprecedented for this time of year over an area that extends over 1,000 miles," said Doug LeComte, a meteorologist at the government's Climate Prediction Center.

Pretty frickin sweet!

When I was living in Kentucky during 3rd grade something similar happened and it rained nonstop for over a week. EVERYTHING was flooded. Should be a good year for crazy weather, last two years were quite boring except those awesome fires in So Cal