March 18th, 2008

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Turns out I was wrong. There IS something else in New Zealand, other than Katipos, that can sting you to death - the Ongaonga, a five metre tall Tree Nettle.

I particularly like this comment about the plant -

As a caver, I am always looking out for these, especially as they often occur around cave entrances. New Zealand's deepest cave, Nettlebed, is named for the giant tree nettles outside the lower entrance.

How nice. First it stings you, and then you fall into the hole and die. And if you somehow miss the hole, you die anyway.
aye aye captain
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Haemangioma I've covered before. Specifically, the appallingly disfiguring case of Jose Mestre.

Esthesioneuroblastoma is another cancer, of the nasal cavity, that can in a few short years can turn you from this

to this...

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Chantal Sébire, a retired teacher from Dijon, France came to public attention when she appealed to the French President, Nicolas Sarkozy, to intervene in her attempt in the French courts to obtain the right to die. The tumour has already destroyed her senses of taste, scent, and eyesight, after all. She lost her appeal this month, and indicated that she might go abroad to a jurisdiction where assisted suicide is legal.

Poor bloody woman :(
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New here, but I -did- read the rules. Nevertheless, my first post is bound to be fraught with etiquette errors and no-nos and whatnot, which I will correct to the best of my ability if requested (courteously, hopefully)!

Found this little dude in a Russian LJ I read (here). It's hotlinked, and more information, such as it is, is available here. If you can read cyrillic, I'm kinda curious what kind of plant he is.