March 7th, 2008

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White Orca was spotted with its pod about 2 mi off Kanaga Volcano, part of Alaska's Aleutian Islands

This was on the news this morning in Alaska.
Scientists have re-spotted the “white” orca DOLPHIN?
Though not an albino, the DOLPHIN
is still beautiful and fairly rare.

News article, Anchorage Daily News

(Yes, I felt that DOLPHIN needed to be capitalized since I saw a book on the
bus yesterday that called the orca a friggin whale. --_--)

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Jenny Haniver

Hello my friends and freaks of spufficious nature and beings!

At first I wasn't sure if I should post this to wtf_nature or wtf_humans, but as it is an animal I thought this was the right community, although it is astonishing every time and again what freaky ideas humans may come to.

You remember those tweely, lil' baby-rays posted here before?

Did you ever wonder how those little cuties would look like if they were terribly dried out for multiple times, twisted, bended, deformed and cut out only to be varnished?
Now, here you are
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