February 29th, 2008

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Saturn's Radio Signal: Alien Voices or Simply Nature?

I stumbled across this video while perusing YouTube instead of studying for a lameass test.

"The radio emissions were discovered by radio and plasma wave detectors on board the Cassini spacecraft as it passed over Saturn's rings during its arrival at the planet in July 2004."

NASA says: "Shit mang, we don't know what it be."

Personally, I don't really buy the alien speech thing. Just because it sounds weird, it doesn't mean it's aliens. We don't even know what aliens would really sound like, except for what's in our imaginations, and we've only been exploring small areas of space for a few years, so how can we know for sure what this is? Obviously we don't.

It's still pretty creepy to listen to, though. Like listening to EVP or Beatles albums backwards.
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the amazing tardigrade!

tardigrades flipping rule. they seriously do. but we really don't know that much about them!

also known as "water bears" (like in the post from a few days ago) or sometimes "moss piglets," they are little microorganisms with 6 (or 8?) legs that crawl around. they live pretty much EVERYWHERE ON EARTH--arctic, oceans, deserts, lakes, forests, you name it, but they especially like moist areas and need to have water surrounding them to be active. when i need to get some for class i just go find some moss. even if it's dried out or even frozen in the middle of winter, i just put it in some room temp water and these little guys reactivate.

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