February 26th, 2008

red face

posted here as an afterthought

I run a rottweiler community too (we all have our little obsessions) and today I looked up red rotts. I used to own one and everyone in my comm goes a little nuts, in a good way, when I post pics of one of these; they're not very well known. I think they're beautiful but I popped onto a site today, the American Rottweiler something or other, and they said that reds should be spayed/neutered or just not allowed to breed because they are aberrant.

Now, really...does that cutie on the left seem aberrant to you?

Link to article: Clicky!
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I don't have a specific animal I'd like to mention today. Instead, I'd like to recommend some books about all the interesting stuff animals can do. There's QI's Book of animal ignorance (nice, easy going coffe table stuff - did you know that the cartilage from a cow's nose is used in arthritis medicine?) and Almost Like a Whale by Steve Jones (an updated version of the Origin of the Species which explains how mucking with nature can cause a dog's eyes to pop out.)

Also - quite a few people liked Jessica Joslin's skelton animals, which I posted a picture of yesterday in the triggerish post. You may also like Lisa Black's Clockwork Animals (but only if you're not squeamish about stuffed things).

The walking molecules

Maybe a bit too tiny, but definetly too WTF to not mention them here. May I present you the Kinesins, the walking molecules. Inside the cell, they're responsible for transport. In short, they walk where they're needed. And they are simply hilarious.

Nature is definetly mocking us.

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Green tea: genmaicha

The Canary

So, humans have done all sorts of crazy things to animals in the name of sometimes-questionable aesthetics, and some of these result in crazy looking animals. (C'mon, compare a bulldog to a wolf. Crazy.) But there is one domestic pet that most people are fairly familiar with that has some really really really wtf-inducing variations that most people are not aware of.

I present to you...the canary. Collapse )

Stray dog bitch!

As it's about dogs...

In the countries where there are many stray dogs, females have cubs after cubs after cubs suckling their teats. That can make them swell or get deformed, but it's rare it gets to that point! WARNING YOUR EYES WILL MELT! Very very wtf.


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