February 21st, 2008

angry patrick

The Lady Slipper

This post was inspired by the bleeding heart one. During the summers I spent at my grandparents' I used to go out searching for these guys along the riverbanks and streams with my Gram to plant in her flower gardens. Unfortunately, they are an endangered species and anytime anyone brought it up she'd say "I'm Indian, I can get away with it!" lulz

There are a total of 5 subspecies of these beauties, but only three around where I lived (Maine) the Pink, Yellow, and White Lady Slippers. They're an orchid and trap bugs inside their "slipper."

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Hyalophora cecropia


The Cecropia, or Robin moth, is America's largest
moth. It is a member of the family of giant silkmoths - the Saturniidae. Since
Cecropia moths are noted for being difficult to rear successfully indoors in
the larger stages, I am going to sleeve them on a pear tree outdoors after they
change to their second or third instar. These eggs are from a female captured
just a little ways south of here. Cecropia moths will eat pear, apple, cherry,
and several other fruit trees, and also willow.



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