February 8th, 2008


10 Amazing Animal Facts

The animal kingdom has long been a mysterious one for humans and every day we learn something new about it. This is a list of ten little known facts about animals.

10. Crocodiles Eat Stones


The stomach of a crocodile is a rocky place to be, for more than one reason. To begin with, a croc's digestive system encounters everything from turtles, fish and birds to giraffes, buffaloes, lions and even (when defending territory) other crocodiles. In addition to that bellyful-o'-ecosystem, rocks show up too.

The reptiles swallow large stones that stay permanently in their bellies. It's been suggested these are used for ballast in diving.

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Green tea: genmaicha

That's a big eagle

Remember the Moa? Giant flightless bird about 13ft to the top of its head? Yeah, pretty big bird, and living on New Zealand, too, where there's not much in the way of native predators. Lots of crazy birds have evolved there, making use of the fact that New Zealand doesn't (natively) have canines or felines or mustelids or any other common mammalian predators that you can find just about everywhere else (excluding lots of remote islands, of course). The Moa is probably one of the most impressive of New Zealand's native fauna, and it wasn't until humans came to New Zealand that they started to have a hard time and eventually died out.

But the Moa had a natural predator. And it was a really big one.

Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you Harpagornis moorei, the Haast's Eagle.

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