February 2nd, 2008



Being such well informed nature peps I'm sure everyone's already heard of the supervolcano, or megacaldera as it's sometimes called, under Yellowstone that's set to erupt at any time and kill us all. Supervolcanoes are such mega-colossal events (aka: We're all going to die!) so I thought they deserved a post of their own.

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chris chan

needs to be done

-will fuck you up
-are fucking awesome
-deliver the mail
-will set you on fire
-have a built in knife compartment that they are not born with but when they hit puberty it grows
-are very skilled at making shanks when they go to prison
-are not apprecieated by the mods on wtf_inc
-are Scottish, therefore they are related to Sean Connery and therefore despise Alex Trebek.
-also love beer due to Scottishness. Unfortunately the ones domesticated and raised in America have come to love and serve really crappy beer.
-are fucking AMAZING at football due to love of beer. THEY LOVE IT. http://youtube.com/watch?v=ZyUENUFCkdE (when not interrupted by streaking sheep)

These are trufax.