January 25th, 2008


Embryonic Cannibalism

So, I haven't seen this here, apologies if it is a repost.

The Grey Nurse shark is not only interesting because it is one of the few sharks that bears live young and that it has two uteri, but also because these live young kill and eat each other while still in the womb.

From the wiki article:

"The species is ovoviviparous, i.e. bearing live young from eggs which hatch inside the uterus. Female sharks have two uteruses. Inside the uterus the young sharks develop and eat each other, so typically only two young sharks are born for each gestation period, which lasts 6-9 months. This process, also known as intrauterine cannibalism, is making it harder for the shark population to rebound from the near extinction. As a result, scientists plan to artificially inseminate and breed the sharks, in order to increase their population.[4] Another plan is to remove the shark embryos from the uterus before cannibalism can take place and then artificially gestate them."

And a lovely little video to eat your oatmeal to:

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Doesn't he look like a cross between a hedgehog, shrew and a mallard duckling?

Just discovered these in Song of the Dodo and noticed no one's posted about them. Tenrecs are a group of mammals that live in Madagascar and Africa. They branched out to fill in a lot of niches and can look like shrews, hedgehogs, or otters.

They're placental mammals with cloacae and internal testes, and the females of one species can have 32 offspring (and up to 29 teats, strange that it's an odd number). They also have very low body temperatures and thus thermoregulate like reptiles. Some of the quilled ones, like the one above, actually have barbed quills to make them more dangerous. Others have specialized quills that they can rub together to make noises for signaling.


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