January 21st, 2008

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This is an actual animal. It lives on our planet. Yes, the one where you live. The earth one.

It's called a star-nosed mole, and is remarkable for its ability to detect food and devour it in under a quarter of a second. Also its resemblance to a creature that stuck its face too close to an explosive device.

"Most predators take times ranging from minutes to seconds to handle their prey," said Ken Catania of Vanderbilt University. "The only things I've found that come even close are some species of fish."

The secret to the mole's impressive foraging ability is the 22 appendages that ring its nose. Nearly blind, the animal uses this sensitive, star-shaped flesh to feel around in its dark, underground environment.

To clock how fast a mole can identify an object as edible and gobble it down, Catania and Fiona Remple captured the feeding behavior with a high-speed video camera. Some of this amazing footage can be seen here.

More here.

Now if you'll excuse me, I have to go scream for a half hour.

Somebody requested some Okapi!

Although okapis have stripes like zebras, they are actually most closely related to giraffes. These large hoofed mammals were not known to science until 1901, probably because of their secretive lifestyle. They live a quiet life in the lush Ituri Rainforest in central Africa. Their velvety dark striped coats create an almost perfect camouflage in the low light of the forest understory.

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I could only find one post in this community's recent past that spoke about chimeras, so I thought I'd jump in and join the party.

You are all probably familiar with our friend here to the left, a tortoiseshell cat. While most tortoiseshells are females and the coloration is due to X-inactivation, this one is a male and is likely a chimera, the blending of two different embryos.

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I'm sure there's more to say on chimeras, but that's all I feel like blabbering on about for now. I'll leave you all to ponder your own microchimerism and searching for graft chimeras to plant in your yards.
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guys, i looked and looked but couldn't find that this has been posted before. which surprised me, because it seems like something someone would've grabbed up and posted right away. it seems pretty old, due to the quality of the video.

anywyays, enjoy drunk animals!

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